1-to-1 Therapy

Integrative Therapy and Coaching

Understand the origin behind behaviour and emotions

First line mental health treatment, transforming difficult thoughts, increasing confidence and helping you to live authentically

Work with me to stop the endless cycle of stress, regain control of your emotions and start feeling excited about life again.

Work with a stress expert with solid training, vast experience and a proven track record of enabling her clients transform their lives and reach their full potential.

Learn powerful calming tools that you can use anytime, anywhere which means you can take control of any challenge that life throws towards you.

A break-through stress bespoke programme that is specially crafted for you and your unique needs and lifestyle.

Learn powerful mind calming meditation and mindfulness techniques. I will create your own bespoke audio meditation for you to listen to anytime you need it.

A practical approach to find a solution for whatever is creating stress in your life.

Transforming sessions with me – either at my practice in Kingston Upon Thames face-to-face, online or a convenient venue.

Empowering tasks to be completed between sessions with email support for guidance if needed.


Transformative 1-to-1 Therapy for the Workplace

Delivering a deep impact on individuals in the workplace

Results that can transform approach to work,  relationships, and encourage a growth mindset

I design and deliver individual’s coaching and stress consultation within the workplace. I provide an opportunity for the individual to explore their unique response to stress, level of resilience and belief pattern.

Working directly in a one to one setting, means that the time is spent around their specific needs and area of expertise. This means the results can have a deep impact and ripple out in all areas of their life.

Individual therapy in the workplace include:

Tailor-made therapy and coaching in the workplace.

Addressing direct causes of stress and feeling overwhelmed at work.

Working directly with the individual’s experience to optimise the results of stress reduction.

Enabling the individual to work through their unique reasons for feeling overwhelmed and enabling them to become empowered to gain control of how they respond to their work environment.

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