Tackling Stress and Anxiety

About Stress

Stress is a physical response to anything the nervous system perceives as a threat or attack. It can be a reaction to a person, a thought you have, the pressure of having too much to do or an upcoming deadline- anything that is perceived as a conflict or danger to the individual. The more stress we experience the less our nervous system tolerates it which can lead to changes in mood, such as nervousness, anger and frustration, tiredness, physical illness and much more. The aim is to learn how to increase your tolerance of stress and what is underpinning your perceptions to create how you react and respond.

Stress relief

About Anxiety

Anxiety, which is often a sense of inner turmoil creating a feeling of dread, fear and unease, can be experienced in various intensities depending on the individual and what is triggering their feeling of anxiety. Catastrophising and negative thought patterns contribute to these unpleasant sensations. This can often leave you feeling you have minimal choices over your life as the anxiety seems to be the one in control. Life can become constricted, lonely and full of fear.

Helping with Stress and Anxiety

Therapy, mindfulness and self-compassion are just a few of the many ways you can regain control of your thoughts, sensations and life. Stress and anxiety don’t have to be what dominates your life, but can be the signpost to what you need to face and understand to liberate you towards a happier and more purposeful existence.


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