Manage Your Menopause for a Healthy Workplace

Greater confidence and assertiveness in the workforce improving positive mental and physical wellbeing


What’s covered

  • Through exploration of what happens physically during the menopause and the symptoms that can occur with the hormonal changes.
  • How our emotional wellbeing can be impacted during the menopause.
  • Practical tips and techniques that can help an individual recognise and manage the changes from a holistic perspective.

What delegates will experience

  • An inclusive and open environment to discuss the issues and ask questions.
  • Food and exercise advice. Relaxation tips to reduce stress and improve sleep.
  • Greater confidence and assertiveness in the knowledge that there are tools to help maintain positive mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Peer support, sharing experiences and learning from each other.

What previous delegates have said

“I have loved this course. It has made me realise that everything I am experiencing is completely normal and that I am not going mad! Speaking with other women going through similar issues stopped me feeling so alone. I have started implementing some of the suggestions – I feel much more energised.”


Aims of this programme:

  • To enable women to understand what happens to them physically and emotionally during peri/menopause.
  • Give practical ideas to help support themselves during this hormonal transition time.
  • Women will leave with a self-care plan created by them from the knowledge they have gained, to suit their life circumstances.

What we expect to see

  • A clearer understanding of how menopause impacts women and to show they are supported.
  • Continuity of performance and productivity from women experiencing peri/menopause due to greater understanding and scope to balance work/health balance.
  • Women being more open about what they are experiencing and asking for the support they need, rather than suffering in silence.


Course delivery

This is a 3 hour workshop – it can be delivered in person or online.

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